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Episode 50 Post: Taking Draft Suggestions
By Matt

Episode 51 will be hosted by yours truly. It will feature the newest incarnation of the Probably Questionable Draft. The Fantasy Adventurer Party/Warband Draft, loosely based on a suggestion made by Colin.

First, we need your help in selecting a quest for our adventure. Iíve included some choices that loosely represent and mock common plots in fantasy. Please select your favorite:

1) Rescue Princess Applebottom
2) Find the Chalice of Godly Fortune
3) Slay the Keeper of Deep Shadow, Friend of the Restless Dead
4) Destroy 1 of The Two Rings That Would Hopefully Rule Most
5) Save your home from an invading fascist nation
6) Raid the Dungeon of Gringottís Thousand Tortures & Recessions
7) Retake your home from a Dire Rainbow Serpent

Now that youíve selected a quest we need our warbands. The rules will be that characters selected for our quest will be taken from fantasy sources (books, games, myth, movies, videogames, comics, etcÖ). Star Wars is a viable source for characters but, their sci-fi weapons are not invited on this quest. Examples, Chewbacca can come but without his bowcaster, and R2 isnít invited at all. Also, be careful with the mythology choices. A team of immortal gods isnít fun or allowed. Think more along the lines of Theseus and Arthur.

So now is the time where you contact us with your vote on which quest and the 4 adventurers that would make up your party. Leave your choices here in the comments, email us at, or tweet them to @pqpodcast. Be creative guys, think outside the box, and remember whomever you select we canít.

Thanks for all your help.