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Episode 60: I Went There With My Boyfriend    -     June 4, 2013

- Intro
- Daddy Soda of the Day (Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue))
- News Stories
- Debate: Season Two Kickoff
- Mt. Rushmore

Host: Kyle
Special Guest(s): N/A

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Pilot asks if crying baby on plane is Sidney Crosby:

City sues ‘Robin Hood’ group over parking meter payments:

DEA: Soccer Mom Ran Massive Pot Grow Operation:

Will mammoths be brought back to life?:

Triceratops trio unearthed in Wyoming:

Cheating Boyfriend Finds Surprisingly Playful Breakup Letter:

Other discussed links:

Picture of Olivia Munn that Matt was staring at.

Olivia Munn as Slave Leia.