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Episode 36: That Was Improv    -     October 16, 2012

- Intro
- Daddy Soda of the Day (Stella Artois)
- Questions?
- NY Comic-Con
- News Stories

Host: Kyle
Special Guest(s): N/A

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Dane Cook’s NBC Sitcom Was So Bad the Network Refuses to Air Any of the Episodes It Filmed:

Saturn's Moon Titan Has Soft Surface With Thin Crust, ESA's Huygens Probe Finds:

Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Sees 4 Kills On First Day Of State Organized Event:

Moroccan Pottery, Obamaphones, and Gaydar: How the Government Wasted Your Money This Year:

Violentacrez Fired: Michael Brutsch Loses Job After Reddit Troll Identity Exposed By Gawker: