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Episode 21: Some More Real Talk    -     June 18, 2012

- Intro
- Daddy Soda of the Day (Simpler Times Lager)
- Underused Words
- Drinking Games
- News Stories

Host: Joe
Special Guest(s): N/A

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More Killed in Chicago this Year than Afghanistan:

Nano-Firefly Tech Could Make Lights That Need No Electricity:

Gassy dinosaurs helped warm Earth:

Microsoft Introduces a Challenger to the iPad:;jsessionid=A842AF7C8B80E25CBF14CEB749D1DC70.w6?a=964107&f=19

Genetically modified cows produce Omega-3 rich, low-lactose milk:

'I have 225 hangover drip every month so I can keep on partying':