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Episode 16: Mr. Drunk    -     May 15, 2012

- Intro
- Daddy Soda of the Day (Heavy Seas Loose Cannon)
- Underused Words
- Comparisons
- Final Tweets
- News Stories

Host: Kyle
Special Guest(s): N/A

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Mica Craig Bitten By Rattlesnake In Walmart:

Texas Cop Makes Fashion For The Concealed Weapon Carrier:

Online Dish: Texting & Walking is Now Against the Law:,0,7433273.story

Online Dish: Not so Sweet! Schools Ban Bake Sales:,0,2936840.story

Jurassic lark? Expedition to seek living dinosaurs in Africa:

Prehistoric "Panda" Found in Spain—Giant Panda Has European Roots?:

Grieving parents find 'stillborn' baby alive in morgue:

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